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A Us Navy First Fleet In The Indian Ocean, Based Out Of Singapore? Not Likely, Analysts Say

For example, for at least thirty years I only knew the expression “to beg the question” as meaning “to invite/raise” the question, because that’s by far and away its most common use. It’s only fairly recently that I discovered its original use to describe a logical fallacy. I’ve been seeing and hearing people use “based out of” more and more, when they mean simply “based in.” The phrases at first glance would seem to mean opposite things, as if being “based out of New York” would imply one is not actually in New York. But it’s clear people use them with the same intention. But counterexamples are common, so you shouldn’t make assumptions based solely on the wording. Citizens are urged not to make major purchases through companies without having a rating through the BBB, or visiting the location and inspecting the product first. The website seems to be legitimate and professionally done, and by its appearances, no one would know it wasn’t a real business. The phone number listed for the company appears to be local, and victims report professionally sounding staff who communicate with them about potential sales. Sword offers an MSK product called digital therapist, which connects in-house doctors of physical therapy to Sword members who wear motion sensors and access a personalized artificial-intelligence-powered therapeutic exercise program on a tablet. The motion sensors let physicians track members’ progress in real time.

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Determining whether inputs are out-of-distribution is an essential building block for safely deploying machine learning models in the open world. However, previous methods relying on the softmax confidence score suffer from overconfident posterior distributions for OOD data. Such an approach doesn’t just potentially mean programs will overlook at-need people because they check the “wrong” box off on the census. It puts the government in the business of actively reinforcing racial division, fueling more hostility and conflict, and not promoting progress and healing. And if we accept that the government can actively discriminate along racial lines, we abandon the protection that eradicated past injustice and wards it off in the future. For one, the legality and constitutionality of these openly discriminatory government schemes are highly dubious. Some race-based government programs such as affirmative action have, unfortunately, been upheld by courts in the past. However, a federal appeals court ordered a halt to a similar Biden administration initiative that allocated COVID-19 relief funds based on race. In spite of flashy announcements and a space-bound concept, the company as it currently exists is decidedly mundane. On government documents related to the crowdfunding offering, the address used is a P.O.

Photos Are Meant To Be Displayed, Not Sitting In Your Computer Waiting To Be Printed

Just like a boring routine that sucks the excitement out of our life, the same old boring interiors suck the liveliness out of our homes. You might even feel that the designs literally are asking to be scraped off the walls and the house is screaming loudly to get remodelled. A not-for-profit organization, IEEE is the world’s largest technical professional organization dedicated to advancing technology for the benefit of humanity. It will be interesting to see how widely used and “fun” smart checkout services will become in that context, and whether it will be a winner-takes-all market, or whether we’ll see a proliferation of others emerge to provide similar tools. The company has confirmed that the amount raised is $10 million today, and $104 million in total. While Amazon continues to expand its self-service, computer-vision-based grocery checkout technology by bringing it to bigger stores, an AI startup out of Israel that’s built something to rival it has picked up funding and a new strategic investor as a customer. Each episode we talk with location sound mixers, boom ops and other industry pros about the various aspects of recording sound on-location for feature and independent films, TV commercials, interviews, anytime where dialog from actors is recorded. Whether you’re a seasoned veteran or just starting out, this podcast is packed with great stories and lessons about recording on-location.

Can a sentence start with based on?

Do not start a sentence with due to or based on. Use because of or on the basis of instead. Due to and based on create adjectival phrases.

The comment about “Report into” is a little misleading, because of how it is written. If it is being written this way, it is because the writer misunderstood the spoken phrase “report in to.” This would be based ON the phrase “report in” which I have seen in military contexts when someone is on a mission. Of course, to further describe the act, they would add the prepositional phrase describing to whom they are reporting. That would not be as egregious as “report into” which sound painful. As for “based,” a person or a business can be based in New York. To say that one is of New York seems to mean that the person or business is located somewhere other than in New York.

Alternative Route Program Pathway Candidate Profile

Please note that a temporary permit will not be issued until such time as a transcript and a Verification of Theory and Clinical Instruction Form are received directly from the school of nursing. Once complete, a temporary permit will be issued within 15 business days. Verification of all LPN licenses held, current or expired. Most states utilize the the National Council of State Boards of Nursing’s Nursys System to verify licenses electronically. The purpose of the verificaton is to document license history including any disciplinary action taken. Please select this linkfor a list of Nursys participating states.

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Once the review of credentials is completed you will receive a notification by email. It is not necessary for you to contact TEA for an update on the status of your review since customer service representatives would not have such information available. The details of your review will be available online in your educator account from the Educator Main Menu under “My Documents” upon receipt of the completion notification email. The results will include the required tests for standard certificates and your eligibility for a one-year non-renewable certificate. And as a term becomes popular, many people who don’t care much about articulation tend to use it out of context mostly as a replacement for ‘living in’ just because it sounds cool. But for those who care, it’s quite a useful term to explain your base location. This CDC issue brief pdf icon [PDF – 1.86 MB]presents policy and programmatic considerations for students with chronic health conditions who attend public school-based OST programs. The brief highlights the importance of communication and coordination between students and caregivers, school administration and staff, and school-based OST programs. Each setting serves students but may have different approaches and personnel for helping students manage their chronic health conditions.

Deputies: Fraudulent Business Claiming To Be Based Out Of Western Rowan Co

Pro-active gets similar criticism, but similarly I see a difference between pro-active and active. The point being in the former you act before events happen, rather than simply reacting to them. I doubt most of these people are actually doing business in their homes, in terms of dealing with customers etc. In fact that website also refers to “home-based businesses”. Neal Whitman PhD is an independent writer and consultant specializing in language and grammar and a member of the Reynoldsburg, Ohio, school board. Browse other questions tagged word-choice prepositions or ask your own question. The reputation requirement helps protect this question from spam and non-answer activity.

Having an excellent photographer was a necessity for us, and Perry blessed us with so much more than we could ever have imagined. Two-dimensional materials are usually envisioned as flat, truly 2D layers. However out-of-plane corrugations are inevitably present in these materials. In this paper, we show that graphene flakes encapsulated between insulating crystals , although having large mobilities, surprisingly contain out-of-plane corrugations. The height fluctuations of these corrugations are revealed using weak-localization measurements in the presence of a static in-plane magnetic field. Due to the random out-of-plane corrugations, the in-plane magnetic field results in a random out-of-plane component to the local graphene plane, which leads to a substantial decrease of the phase coherence time. Atomic force microscope measurements also confirm a long-range height modulation present in these crystals. Our results suggest that phase coherent transport experiments relying on purely in-plane magnetic fields in van der Waals heterostructures have to be taken with serious care.

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We propose a unified framework for OOD detection that uses an energy score. We show that energy scores better distinguish in- and out-of-distribution samples than the traditional approach using the softmax scores. Unlike softmax confidence scores, energy scores are theoretically aligned with the probability density of the inputs and are less susceptible to the overconfidence issue. Within this framework, energy can be flexibly used as a scoring function for any pre-trained neural classifier as well as a trainable cost function to shape the energy surface explicitly for OOD detection. On a CIFAR-10 pre-trained WideResNet, using the energy score reduces the average FPR (at TPR 95%) by 18.03% compared to the softmax confidence score. With energy-based training, our method outperforms the state-of-the-art on common benchmarks. A new Heritage Foundation survey of more than 2,000 parents and teachers shows significant divides about teaching critical race theory.

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I am an engineer from Auburn University and Georgia Tech, and definitely not “out of”. Mr. based out Patel has a home office where he runs his business or fulfills the obligations of a job .

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Moreover, it was found that there was a strong correlation between TBOCLLAs and the EFL learners’ autonomy. In the same vein, the findings revealed a strong and statistically significant correlation between TBOCLLAs and the learners’ self-efficacy. Finally, the research findings suggested that learners’ motivation, autonomy, and self-efficacy were all significantly contributing to the participants’ use of technology-based out-of-class language learning activities. Among the above mentioned individual factors, motivation had the highest predictive value, and among self-efficacy and autonomy, the latter could better predict the use of TBOCLLAs by the learners.

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