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At Robert Ventures you will be able to Start investing with just $ 1,000
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Why Investors Choose
Robert Ventures

Robert Ventures' fixed-rate bonds will stand out as a unique offering, delivering diversification that goes beyond the ordinary

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Zero-Fee Structure

Transparent investment experience with our zero-fee structure, empowering your investment yield.

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IRA Tax-free

We will proudly support Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs) that provide you with tax advantages for your investments.

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Balanced Portfolio

The best of both worlds: dynamic growth from innovative digital assets and real estate as an evergreen performer.

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20+ Years of Experience

Throughout various market cycles and economic shifts, our CEO has navigated the landscape with expertise.

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Embark On Investing With Only $ 1,000


1-Year Term up to 8.3%

Begin your investment journey with our 1-year term bond proposition, offering an unwavering 8.3% annual interest rate with compounding.


3-Year Term up to 10%

Embark on a transformative journey of growth with the 3-year term and compounding. Your annual interest rate expands to an impressive 10% effective annual rate.

Calculate Your
Financial Future


Payment Options:






3 Years

1 Year

10 Years

Total value with interest:


Compound interest:


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The calculator on this website is for illustrative purposes only. Rates of return and investment values are subject to change and may be altered over time. Actual earnings and payments should be verified and are contingent upon the definitive terms and conditions set forth in any accompanying contractual agreements.
Important Risk Information: Investing involves risk. There is a potential that we may not be able to make the scheduled payments of interest or principal on the bonds.

Robert Ventures Investment Strategy

Backed by solid real estate and cutting-edge digital assets, our carefully curated portfolio ensures a well-balanced investment approach that minimizes risks while maximizing yield potential.

This strategic blend empowers us to provide our valued clients with the advantage of fixed returns on their investments, fostering financial stability and growth

Robert Ventures Strategy
Robert Ventures investments diversification

How it Works

Invests in fixed-rate Bonds Starting at $1,000


Through a 5-min process, you will be able to buy our fixed-rate bonds.

Robert Ventures starting investing amount

Robert Ventures Invests in Real Estate and Digital Assets


The assets owned by the portfolio can generate passive income and appreciation in value, therefore making us are able to provide cash flow to service payments and redemptions.

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Investors Receive Up to 10% (APY)


As our portfolio thrives, assets are strategically sold to realize profits. You will be presented with the flexibility to choose from two alternatives: Compound for exponential growth or receive monthly payments

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Experiences from
Our Past Valued Partners

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Our commitment to your success starts with a personal touch. To get started, all it takes is a conversation with our onboarding specialist.

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Frequently Asked
How do you afford to pay those rates?
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The capital deployed by clients is allocated after a due diligence process made at the time of the deposit. It is invested in purchasing new assets that produce predictable monthly revenue and/or long-term multipliers for the Company.

We will pay the earnings through the following:
- Liquidity events from the sale of certain assets (when we cash out)
- Cash flow from certain assets

Is This FDIC Insured?
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No, the bonds are not FDIC (Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation) insured. FDIC insurance is designed to protect depositors' funds in banks and savings institutions in the event of a bank failure.

The company's bonds are a type of investment in privately held companies or securities that are not publicly traded. These investments carry inherent risks and are not guaranteed or insured by the FDIC or any other government agency.

Our bonds are issued according to SEC's Reg A+.

Why Should I Invest With Robert Ventures and Not Somewhere Else?
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For any investment/allocation decision, you should always answer to those questions:
- Do I believe in the asset class I am about to invest?
- Do I like the expected returns?
- Do they make sense to my portfolio?
- Do I trust the manager?

Our product is made for qualified investors who intend to outpace inflation and earn high yields, especially given the current macroeconomic conditions.

Joe has over 20 years of experience in the real estate sector and 6 years in the technology industry. He is in constant contact with people from the sector, and the team has a detailed due diligence process before investing in any asset.

Are There Any Fees?
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The bonds are structured to eliminate intermediary fees and reduce overall expenses, meaning any additional fees do not reduce your monthly payments.

Bondholders can be confident that excessive fees and expenses do not impact their returns. Transparency and fairness are crucial elements in building trust with our investors, and this fee structure reflects that commitment.

By investing in the Robert Ventures Bonds, you're getting the most out of your investment, and your interests are always a top priority.

How Are My Investments Taxed?
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Robert Ventures' investments are taxed the same as any other high-yield bond or interest-bearing investment. You will receive a form 1099-INT at the beginning of every tax year for the previous year, covering all interest paid during the calendar/tax year.

Can I Invest With An IRA? What Are The Benefits?
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Yes, you can invest with your self-directed retirement accounts.

Here are some of the benefits of investing in the Robert Ventures Bonds through an IRA account:
- Interest not taxable when realized;
- In a Roth IRA account: the interest income is tax-free when paid and withdrawn;
- In a Traditional IRA Account: the interest income is tax-deferred, which means it's only taxed when taking distributions.

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