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Joe Robert is the CEO and Founder of Robert Ventures and has an extensive background in real estate investing, with over 20 years of asset management experience. During this period, he raised capital from individuals and partners that paid double-digit preferred returns annually for years. Joe has never lost private investors capital over his whole period of investing.
A decade ago, he partnered with a large fund to take advantage of the opportunity to buy distressed debt at low prices and returned capital, along with double digit returns for several years as the portfolio was managed.
Over the last five years, he has made multiple investments into the tech sector that included providing venture capital and acquiring digital assets that provided exposure to the growing digital economy.
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Joe Robert
Robert Ventures CEO

The fund is managed by Joe Robert, a seasoned professional with over 20 years of investment, encompassing over 200 real estate transactions, 1500 mortgages, and a diverse range of Web3 sector investments.
Years of experience
Tech investments

Main Team Members

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William Guida
Head of Strategy
  • Investor in Digital Assets since 2015
  • Deeply connected within the digital asset developer and investment communities
  • Served as research analyst for the last 5 years
  • Holberton School of Computer Science Volunteer / Advisor
  • Southern Connecticut State University / Sacred Heart University Computer Science guest speaker
Andrew Ney profile picture
Andrew Ney
Data Analyst
  • Experience researching and investing in digital assets since 2017
  • Degree from Clemson University in Chemical Engineering in 2020
  • Self-taught data analytics skills in R and Python, including a “Data Scientist with Python” certification from Datacamp
Matheus Brandão profile picture
Matheus Brandão
Research Analyst
  • Experience researching and investing in digital assets since 2017
  • Bachelor of Economics and Accounting
  • Experience in the growth of the blockchain projects
  • Wealth Management portfolio background
  • Consulting leader at PwC in 40+ projects of financial companies

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